How to migrate to ZuluDesk

This article assumes you have basic knowledge of MDMs and are currently enrolled in a different MDM. There are plenty of reasons for you to switch from another MDM to ZuluDesk, whether it's the current provider's support or features.

This article will provide the necessary information to achieve smooth transition to ZuluDesk. 


Unenroll from your current MDM - VPP, DEP and Apple School Manager

Prior to configuring ZuluDesk, it is recommended to disconnect these features from your current MDM. Your DEP token is a record of all devices purchased at your school and your VPP token is of all app purchases. At this point it is also recommended to think about what kind of setup you're looking for in ZuluDesk. Step 2 of our deployment guide covers a few of the possible configurations that you can choose from. 

When using DEP or Apple School Manager, in your current MDM, send a mass-wipe command. This ensures that all devices are wiped and unenrolled properly. You can also have each student and teacher reset their iPad by wiping their iPad in the settings app. (Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings). Please make sure that Activation Lock is disabled when you're letting the students and teachers wipe their own devices.

When you're not using DEP or Apple School Manager you're required to reset each device by hand, this could take up to a minute per iPad which would quickly add up in time spent enrolling. Using DEP or Apple School Manager it becomes an automated process.


If you'd like to export your configuration profiles from your current MDM into ZuluDesk this is possible, however, when doing so it is not possible to make changes to these imported profiles.

User Data

It is possible to restore a backup from a supervised device to another device. The preferred option is an iCloud backup, the new device will become supervised after the backup has been restored.
When the new device is configured with DEP, the DEP setup will follow after the restore of the backup is completed.


When migrating to ZuluDesk you'll be presented with a setup assistant, this assistant will help you on your way when configuring ZuluDesk. This assistant will allow you to upload your tokens, create or import your users, enroll your devices and set up a basic profile.

We've also got the deployment guide mentioned earlier that will help you enroll into ZuluDesk.


  1. Wipe your devices using your current MDM
  2. Disconnect VPP, DEP and Apple School Manager
  3. Download any old profiles if necessary
  4. Start your trial period and enroll into ZuluDesk with the Setup Assistant


If you need any additional information regarding migration please do not hesitate to contact us at or by creating a ticket in ZuluDesk.

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