ZuluDesk Beta Program


With the ZuluDesk Beta Program, we want you to get involved in beta testing our latest features for iOS 12.2, tvOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4.

Which new features have been added?

This beta program adds support for the following new and exciting features:

iOS 12.2

  • Adds setting to prevent users from changing Personal Hotspot settings
  • Adds setting to disable server-side Siri logging
  • Adds support for the new On-Device Enrollment workflow

Other Improvements

  • The Clear Restrictions Passcode command now clears the Screen Time passcode
  • Scheduling OS updates now works more reliably on devices that are locked with a passcode
  • When MDM takes over management of pre-installed apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote, a user will no longer have to sign in with an App Store account the first time they launch the app
  • When the Messages app is blocked by MDM, users can no longer respond to a phone call with an SMS message
  • The IMEI will now display the correct result even if no SIM is installed in the device

tvOS 12.2

  • Adds setting to defer Software Updates up to 90 days
  • Adds a setting to configure Date & Time automatically based on the current location and prevent users from changing it
  • Adds the ability to upgrade to a specific tvOS version when scheduling an update

Other Improvements

  • Apple TV will now use macOS content caching (if available) when downloading screen savers
  • You can connect to an Enterprise Wi-Fi network using the onscreen interface

macOS 10.14.4

  • Adds the ability to manage Students Macs using Managed Classes in the Classroom app (requires Classroom 2.0 or newer on iOS or Classroom 3.0 or newer on macOS)
  • Adds the ability to turn Remote Management on and off, also in bulk
  • Shows the current status of Remote Management on the device details page
  • Adds setting to disable the ability to take screenshots and/or screen recordings
  • Adds setting to disable AirPlay, View Screen by Classroom, and Screen Sharing
  • Adds setting to allow Classroom to perform AirPlay and View Screen without promting the user
  • Add setting to make the Mac automatically join Classroom unmanaged classes without prompting
  • Add setting to require teacher permission to leave Classroom unmanaged classes

Other Improvements

  • Resolves an issue where a Mac wouldn't automatically reconnect to an 802.1X Wi-Fi network when using a Login Window mode configuration profile
  • Includes a fix for an Exchange account potentially disappearing from the Internet Accounts System Preferences pane

How do I sign up?

Signing up for the Fall Release Beta is done by navigating to Organisation > Settings and selecting ZuluDesk Beta Program. If your environment has multiple locations, please note you can only sign up for the Beta Program from the Main Environment.


After navigating to this page, you’ll see the following:

Simply tick the checkbox and press Save and you’ll be enrolled into the Beta Program.

Please note your environment will be automatically unenrolled when the beta features are released to the public. There is no way to unenroll before the features are released! All settings made during the beta period will be preserved.

How do I start testing?

First of all, thank you for helping us test our new features! These new features can be found in the Release notes on the Beta Program page that you used to sign up.

Some features require the beta version of iOS, tvOS or macOS. You can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program at https://beta.apple.com. If you are an developer, you can download the latest betas at https://developer.apple.com.

How do I provide feedback?

You can provide us with feedback about the Fall Release Beta by navigating to the bottom of the side menu.

We encourage you to give feedback on both positive and negative experiences you face with the new beta features. lease use this feedback tool only in regards to beta features. All other questions and/or issues should be submitted through a regular ticket.


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