How to configure ZuluDesk Teacher using ZuluDesk Management System (ZMS)

To use ZuluDesk Teacher, a couple of steps need to be taken.


  • A “Teachers” group;
  • One or more “Teacher” user;
  • Student Group(s);
  • Student Account(s);

Steps to take:

  • Create a Teacher group;
  • Create a Students group;
  • Create a Teacher user;
  • Create students account(s);
  • Configuring additional settings.

Create a Teacher group:

  • In ZMS go to “Users & Groups” -> “Groups”
  • Click on “Add Group”
  • Enter the desired group name and an optional description in the popup that’ll appear;
  • Click on the “Add Group” button;
  • You will be directed to the newly created group details page. On that page, click the “Edit” button and make sure the “ZuluDesk Teacher” feature is set to “Allow”.
  • Click in the “Save” button.

Create a Students group:

  • Repeat the steps at the “Create a Teacher Group” section but name it something like “Students” or “Student class 1A”.
    Make sure the “ZuluDesk Teacher” feature of this group is set to “Deny”!


Create a Teacher user:

  • In ZMS go to “User & Groups” -> “Overview”;
  • Click on the “Add User” button;
  • Enter the teachers’ details in the popup that’ll appear. Make sure you select the “Teachers” group you’ve just created at the “Member of” field;
  • You will be directed to the newly created users’ details page. On that page, click on the “edit details” button;
  • At the “Manageable Groups” field you select one or more groups this teacher can manage through the ZuluDesk Teacher app. In this case we select the newly created “Students” group;
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Create students account(s):

  • In ZMS go to “User & Groups” -> “Overview”;
  • Click on the “Add User” button;
  • Fill in the details of the student and make sure you select the newly created “Students” group at the “Member of” field;
  • Click on the “Add User” button.

Repeat this step for every student you want to create.


You’re ready! You can now download the ZuluDesk Teacher app from the AppStore and log in with the credentials of the Teacher user.


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